The Finest Japanese cuisine for Muslims. Halal Bento Tokyo offers food that Muslims can enjoy
through Japanese lunch box delivery and catering service. We can deliver tasty bento boxes anywhere in Japan.

We are sorry, but Halal Bento Tokyo is unavailable.
Please visit our another Halal food delivery website “ Taste & Discover Japan ”.


Welcome to Japan. Please enjoy Halal Washoku.

What's Halal Washoku?

The finest Japanese Washoku for Muslims.

Halal is food permissible to eat according to Islamic Law. Halal Bento Tokyo offers food that Muslims can enjoy through lunch box delivery and catering service. As we offer food that meets the strict standards of halal certificate only, Muslims can enjoy our food without any concern.

Finest Japanese Bento Box

  • Yakitori Bento Box

    -Grilled chicken Bento Box-

    ¥1,500(Tax in ¥1,620)

  • Sukiyaki Bento Box

    ¥2,500(Tax in ¥2,700)


  • Anago Bento Box

    -Conger eel Bento Box-

    ¥2,500(Tax in ¥2,700)

  • Special Halal Double Bento

    ¥5,000(Tax in ¥5,400)


  • French Bento Box

    ¥2,500(Tax in ¥2,700)


Finest Halal Washoku Catering Service

Party, Event and International Conference with Muslims

We offer you catering service of delicious halal food. You can choose food, beverages and sweets that you like and arrange the meal. We have variable “Washoku”, meaning “Japanese meal”, plans suitable for parties, events and international conferences where Muslims gather. As all food that we offer is halal, everyone, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, can enjoy the same meal all together.

Catering Service Menu

Halal Certification

About Halal Certification

The Halal menu is served under the strict oversight of JHF

We offer delicious Halal meals. We have gained the official “Local Halal” certificate from “Japan Halal Foundation”. We have kitchen for Halal all ingredient and cook wear is checked. All of chef had Halal lecture class and also Muslima chef works with us.

For Muslim Guests

For all Muslim Guests

We would like you to enjoy Japanese food culture. We deliver our food anywhere in Japan. Also, you can choose either chilled-delivery or frozen-delivery. The meal can be eaten in warm conditon whenever and wherever as it can be heated up before eating easily. Please contact us when you plan to stay at a hotel that does not offer halal food, or when you welcome Muslim business people or students to Japan.

News Of

We will be closed for Obon holidays from 13 August to 4 September.
New Halal delivery service has been launched. Online ordering Halal food shouldn’t be harder than eating it.
The New Halal Delivery Service in Japan “Taste & Discover Japan” will be launched in mid-March.
Order Guide
  • Ordering hours

    24/7 Order Online.

    Orders are accepted by 3 days prior to the function date.

  • Payment method

    Please make the payment in cash or by bank transfer on the function date.

    You can make the payment by credit card online.

    Delivery fee

    JPY 750 flat-rate shipping.

  • Minimum order

    At least 1 Bento Box (Naionwide delivery by vacuum-packed)

    Freshly made delivery to 23 districts in Tokyo , and Saitama.

    (Order at least JPY 30,000, please.)