The Finest Japanese cuisine for Muslims. Halal Bento Tokyo offers food that Muslims can enjoy
through Japanese lunch box delivery and catering service. We can deliver tasty bento boxes anywhere in Japan.

We are sorry, but Halal Bento Tokyo is unavailable.
Please visit our another Halal food delivery website “ Taste & Discover Japan ”.

Halal Certification

What is Halal Certification?

Halal certification given only to food or restraurants which meet the strict standards of “Halal” and only such food and restaurants can be marked as “halal”.

The halal concept of “pure” and “clean” delivers the highest quality in cleanliness as the halal status requires comprehensive and stringent procedures before approval Therefore, halal food is suitable not only for the Muslims but also for all customers in terms of food safety.

We use ingredients and kitchenware which meet the strict halal standards of Malaysia. Our kitchen has been approved by JAPAN HALAL FOUNDATION.

  • New kitchen (Never bring pork and alcohol)
  • New Fryer (Only use salad oil)
  • New cookwares with Halal mark

Halal certification sets standards according not only to religious rules, but also to high level of food safety control. Therefore, we believe that our food is suitable for non-Muslims as well.