The Finest Japanese cuisine for Muslims. Halal Bento Tokyo offers food that Muslims can enjoy
through Japanese lunch box delivery and catering service. We can deliver tasty bento boxes anywhere in Japan.

We are sorry, but Halal Bento Tokyo is unavailable.
Please visit our another Halal food delivery website “ Taste & Discover Japan ”.

News Of


The New Halal Delivery Service in Japan “Taste & Discover Japan” will be launched in mid-March.

tdjapan.comIn Japan, demand for Halal meals is further increasing, so we will launch the new delivery service in mid-March.

《Taste & Discover Japan》will deliver luxury Japanese bento , Sushi , French , Italian and so on.

And we will transmit the helpful information as a source of tourism, events, and nice restaurants for Muslims.

Just wait till you see what's coming ! (English) (facebook)

We will send you discount coupon!!

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